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Embed Tool Documentation
Thanks for adding Embed Tool! We appreciate your support. If you need any assistance with the bot, be sure to check out all the information below!
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Embed Tool is an advanced embedding bot which uses an online dashboard to send embedded messages to channels of your choosing. Embed Tool allows users to effortlessly & seamlessly create embedded messages with tons of choices. Ensuring quality community embedding for all of our users.
Embed Tool is free to use, there are no limits to its functionality. Any sort of not owning a premium plan will not result in a worse outcome.
Find Embed Tool's sister bot, Poll Tool here.

Getting Started

First things first, make sure you have correctly invited Embed Tool to your server! You can invite Embed Tool into guilds you have the Manage Server permissions on with this link.
By default, Embed Tool will ask for Administrator permissions. It is highly recommended that you grant them. Remember, you can always customize Embed Tool's permissions by editing permissions for the EmbedTool™ role.
Important: Giving Embed Tool Administrator permissions will ensure functionality. It is recommended you keep these default permissions.


Once an admin from your server has added Embed Tool, the bot will start to keep track of a couple things. In order to take full advantage of the settings functionality, please configure your settings.
By default, the prefix is set to !. In order to change this, please see settings.
Last modified 2yr ago