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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I get support for Embed Tool?

You can get support for Embed Tool in the Embed Tool Support discord server.

How can I add Embed Tool to my server?

You can add Embed Tool to your server with this link. Please see Getting Started for more info.

How can I vote for Embed Tool?

You can vote for Embed Tool on top.gg. You can find our page here. Thanks for supporting us!

What is Embed Tool's default prefix?

Poll Tool's default prefix is +, but you can change this with +prefix [p] command. See settings for more info.

Why isn't Embed Tool responding to my commands?

First, please check the Support Server for outages. If there are no current outages, please make sure you have given Embed Tool the proper permissions. Learn more in Getting Started. If Embed Tool still isn't responding after all of these attempts, please create a ticket.
If after all of these steps Embed Tool still fails to respond, you've most likely been blacklisted for violating our Terms of Usage.

Why isn't Embed Tool working as expected?

First, please make sure you have given Embed Tool the correct permissions. Learn more in Getting Started.
Important: If you are the server owner please make sure at least one of your roles has the Administrator permission. This will sometimes cause Embed Tool to think you don't have the proper permission levels.

How can I make use of Embed Tool's features without granting it Administrator Permissions?

Important: It is highly recommended by the Embed Tool Team that you grant the bot Administrator.
In order for Poll Tool to function properly, please grant the Embed Tool role the following permissions:
  • Manage Server
  • Manage Roles
  • Manage Channels
  • Manage Webhooks
  • Change Nickname
  • View Channels
  • Send Messages
  • Add Reactions
  • Embed Links
  • Attach Files
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